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    Smiles Dental Group provides a wide range dental services, in addition to General Dentistry we provide Cosmetic Dentistry, Invisalign treatment and Emergency Dental Care. The following is a list some of our basic services:

Smile Makeovers - Are you tired of your smiles? Let us help, we have done hundreds of makeovers, and in most cases we can turn even the most unattractive smiles into a gorgeous new smile made custom just for you. Gives us a call today for a smile evaluation.

Porcelain Crowns - We use all ceramic Porcelain Crowns to make teeth stronger and to improve the appearance of your smile. They can cover and support a tooth with a large filling when there isn't enough tooth left, they can be used as part of a bridge, they are often used tp protect a weak tooth from breaking or to restore one that's already broken.

White Fillings - Most commonly used restoration in dentistry, there are basically two types material used to make white restorations. Resin is used commonly for small fillings, while procelain onlays and inlays are sometimes used for larger fillings.

- Veneers are thin custom-made shells designed to cover the front side of teeth. Made of tooth-colored materials, veneers are used to treat spaces between teeth and teeth that are chipped or worn, permanently stained, poorly shaped or slightly crooked. We commonly use veneers in smile makeovers to whiten and reshape teeth.

Tooth Whitening - ( bleaching) brightens teeth that are discolored or stained. Bleaching may be done completely in the dental office or the dentist may dispense a system for you to use at home.

Cosmetic Bonding - Bonding is used to improve the appearance of teeth that are chipped, broken, cracked, stained or have spaces between them. With bonding, tooth-colored materials are applied, or bonded, to the tooth surface.

Cosmetic Contouring
- Involves modifying teeth to improve their appearance by removing or contouring enamel. The process, which often is combined with bonding, usually is quick and comfortable and the results can be seen immediately.

Dental Implant Restoration
- The crown(s) that is placed over a dental implant or implant bridge to replace the top crown portion of the tooth or teeth.

- A series of aligners designed to straighten teeth that are crooked, crowded or do not meet properly. In many cases Invisalign may be used to staighten out and a align teeth in place of braces. We are providers!

Root Canal
- The removal of the tissue inside a tooth (nerve and blood vessels) render the tooth non-vital. We do most Root Canals in-house.

Tooth Extractions
- We perform most extractions in our office.



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